Month: May 2015


Hey muffins!!!
Been a while. My phone is just acting Nigerian film here. That”s why I haven’t been able to post. This post is dedicated to all my close friends. It’s just how I feel about you all. From Cynthia to Victor to Damani to Victus to Emre to Barbara to Ife to Feranmi to Folusho to Tiena to Joy to Laura to Patrick to Ajike to Ayo to my very own Ore mi to Ann Arinze to Omonye to Benedicta to Chinenye. I love you all so so much and I am very happy you guys are in my life. I know I get really annoying and cranky sometimes and you all still stick around. Thank you loves. So hear it is….
Some of you hardly communicate with me but the bond still waxes
Some of you are just like PHCN, you his go off and on. Always happy when you are around and so sad when you are off…. So sad.
Some of you are just so wonderful that sometimes I think you are angels in human skin. You care for me so damn much.
Some of you are just so annoying but I can’t do away with you, because some way or the other, the annoyance keeps me happy.
Some of you really care but you hide it for no reason and it’s painful because I see the hidden emotions and I wish you could uncover them so I would appreciate them more.
Some of you don’t care much and you don’t care less.
But in all of you are all the ingredients of the special mix that give my life as a human being a meaning.
Ps: You can claim anyone you want.
Biko if in your heart of hearts you know we are close and I didn’t write your name, I am so sorry. But I heart you too.
So exams are coming up and I want y’all to please pray for me. Computer Science no be beans.
I’d be back as soon as I finish exams.
Xoxo… Jay.

Jacinta Amune