Month: November 2016

Prenup in Nigeria


Hey hey…
What happening? The year has already finished now now and it was only like yesterday it started. All of you that wrote new year resolutions, I hope you were faithful to it o, because we cannot have another wasted ‘New year, new me’ story.

So I was watching a Nigerian movie (yes, I am very patriotic) recently, and a guy was insisting that his bride to be has to sign a prenup. In my head I’m like ‘Akuko. Will this one work in Nigeria?’ So I decided to bring it before your table to hear what you have to say about it. (more…)

Jacinta Amune

Are You Dating By Faith?


Hey Guys,
Who missed me? I know all of you just look at me like one unserious person, but I am not playing round o. It’s not easy to combine everything together. But we’re trying to manage.
So Christmas holidays are here and I decided to come and spend it here. You people know how much I love Christmas already. We’ll soon start singing ‘we wish you a merry Christmas…’. Before I deviate, lemme say what brought me here.
So I was watching Jenifa’s Diary recently and there was this episode where Jenifa thought she was dating a guy because he was being super nice and giving her attention. Only for her to find out that the guy was married and she was really devastated. So my cousin kept insisting that it wasn’t nice for the guy to make her feel like his girlfriend. I’m like ‘the guy didn’t open his mouth and ask her out. She just assumed she was his girlfriend’. That is to say that only her was in the relationship by herself for herself. (more…)

Jacinta Amune