Month: June 2017

All I want for my Birthday

Hola Hola
I know that I deserve cane for being a very terrible blogger. It’s laziness. Forgive me guys. Biko. Ejo. Please. Remember that the bible says we should forgive if we want our sins to be forgiven.
Today I bring you new, exciting gist. I’m adding a new year to my life this year, August 13th precisely. So I thought I would write a birthday wish list here, so that God can touch your hearts to buy me the right gifts. All these my friends by mouth, this is one of the true tests of our friendship o. Here we go:

1. MONEY… Plenty of it.
NB: If you can’t afford this gift, please view other options.

2. New weave: Please someone should help me abeg. If you follow me on instagram, you would have noticed that my hairstyle is almost always the same. It’s not good for my image na. Help me. Buy me a few bundles of hair biko. Hair can be gotten from @mizwanneka . Thanks so much. If it’s not convenient for you to buy it for me, you can send me the money. I will buy it by myself.

3. New phone: Those of you who know me well know about my MALATA. Please help me change my situation. I’d accept a Samsung S6 or an Iphone 6 and above. Even UK used, I will collect. Beggar no get choice. Phone can be ordered from @canoonstore . You can still just send me the money if you want sha.

4. An actual party: I can’t remember the last time I had an actual birthday party. It doesn’t have to be the biggest party in Lagos. Yin Yang express can host a party of 10-15 people and it’s not even expensive. If you want to help me, let me know so I can send my account number. Thank you.


Maybelline Foundation

Maybelline Foundation

Foundation: You see how desperate this list is? 😂. But this one is very important. How will I take slay pictures for you people without foundation? Kolewerk na. So I need it. Help me. You can buy me Maybelline or something that is better sef. Ese gaan

6. And concealer too.

7. Customers: This one all of you can do. Everybody is benefitting o. You buy from me, you slay in your accessories. I am going to write a post about my new business soon. So you people should get your money ready.


Ivy Barber Slides

Ivy Barber Slides

Gafa Sandals

Gafa Sandals

Slides from Gafa sandals or Ivy Barber: I got a few pairs earlier in the year. But I’m loving their new designs and I want them in my life. Please help me. You can order for either of them on instagram: @ivy_barberng and @gafasandals

Extra: Subscribe to my blog and comment. This one is compulsory o. Ahnn. You will read blog post finish, you will still be selfish and refuse to share your opinion. It’s not good na. Fear God.

NB: Please ehnn, if you can’t afford anything from 2-8 or you can afford half, just opt for option 1. It’s just more convenient for all of us.

God bless you people as you touch my life. If you even want me to dedicate a blog post to you, I will. Just help my life and make my birthday memorable.

Another NB: If I forgot anything and I remember later, I will come back and write it. So this might not be all.

Final Xoxo

Jacinta Amune