Are You Dating By Faith?


Hey Guys,
Who missed me? I know all of you just look at me like one unserious person, but I am not playing round o. It’s not easy to combine everything together. But we’re trying to manage.
So Christmas holidays are here and I decided to come and spend it here. You people know how much I love Christmas already. We’ll soon start singing ‘we wish you a merry Christmas…’. Before I deviate, lemme say what brought me here.
So I was watching Jenifa’s Diary recently and there was this episode where Jenifa thought she was dating a guy because he was being super nice and giving her attention. Only for her to find out that the guy was married and she was really devastated. So my cousin kept insisting that it wasn’t nice for the guy to make her feel like his girlfriend. I’m like ‘the guy didn’t open his mouth and ask her out. She just assumed she was his girlfriend’. That is to say that only her was in the relationship by herself for herself.

Many of you think you are dating someone because they say they like you or that’s what it looks like. You don enter one chance o. Do you know how many times I have heard ‘I like you’? If na by that one, I for don get like fifty boyfriends already. A relationship is more like an agreement between two people. Only you can’t be agreeing with yourself na. Person no ask you out, you are now calling yourself bae. This is why we have many side chicks flying round. Lots of people are in a relationship by faith.

Aunty/uncle, wait for him/her to clearly define your relationship. Before you go about claiming him/her. People are super smart and they know these things. The day you catch them in a compromising situation, they will now say, ‘Ahhn, are we dating?’ Then you will now go to Twitter and be making noise like ekpan fly, lamenting about how useless all the men/women in the world are, meanwhile na you go find trouble.
Don’t get me wrong o, I know some of you will claim to have the best relationships even though you were not properly asked out. All I am saying is, the heart of a human being is desperately wicked, your bae can still pull this card on you. Just be careful sha. You might call me old-fashioned, but I certainly like these kind of things being properly spelt out. Saves us all a lot of stress.

That’s all the noise I want to make today. I’m sure you missed me a lot, so I’ll just drop my latest pictures to remind y’all that I’m still a drop dead gorgeous diva. Don’t forget to comment and tell me what you think and subscribe too. It would mean a lot to me. 😘😘


Jacinta Amune

35 Comments on Are You Dating By Faith?

  1. Saks says:

    Oh well, I caught my sub!

  2. black boy says:

    I totally agree with you…
    If people are not explicit about what exists between them, then it’s all just speculation…

    Anyway… What do you mean by “the heart of man is desperately wicked”??

  3. Jo says:

    I still think “situationships” are the best

  4. ------- says:

    Well lol, i’l say dis is a selfish post tho.. Y’l be makn d niggas look all bad al d tym

  5. Chibuzo says:

    True talk!, nice job darl!

  6. ManueBoro says:

    Its very easy to misconstrue affection for relationship especially wen some level of intimacy kinda creeps in.
    Nice write up tho

  7. Richiie says:

    Totally agree with the post sounding selfish comment…… you say it like it isn’t a two way thing. (If the girl is caught wouldn’t she say the same?)
    But in totality tho : Define what you have going on to avoid any heartbreaks. Boy or girl ‍♂️

  8. Uch3 says:

    Jenifa, reference point Very true tho…Majority is the guys, they do this way more than the girls

  9. Adetayo says:

    You are a catfish lol

  10. Edidiong Udofia says:

    Nice peice. Clear definition is very important like you said. “I’m still a drop dead gorgeous diva.” got me tho ya just priding bera relaz!

  11. Urenmisan says:

    Ahnahn. Reminds me of secondary school well done

  12. Laura says:

    Deep post babes. Bt it’s true to an extent. Different people with different ways of viewing stuff. I have a friend who was really great with her guy friends bt once dey ask her out and she says yes,stuffs just don’t go the way she planned it 2 go. Her current relationship is a boom right now and there was no need 4 any asking out ish. Dey just decided I love u, u love me and ur mine and so on. And now d babe is getting married. So it just boils down to the individual. Even wen ur dating a guy/girl and dey are caught cheating dey can still say am I married to u,is it not just boyfriend and girlfriend we are doing and other bullshit crap. It is an enlighting and really interesting post tho. Keep it up boo.

  13. Patrick says:

    Who tell you say you be drop dead gorgeous diva??? Lol.. Nice piece Jay baby

  14. sanchi says:

    well what can I say ?……I agree with your view. there must be a ‘TITLE’ between us.

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