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My Sunglasses- Accessories NG

Hey guys.
What’s up? How’s your week going? Today I’m sharing one of my favourite things with you all. It’s Sunglasses baby. Yes, you heard right. I love Sunglasses and Accessories NG lets me splurge on them coz they have affordable sunglasses. Nowadays, everyone is forming dollar has gone up and they’re charging N8000 for sunglasses. When I didn’t kill somebody. Why will I buy sunglasses at N8000 for one when that gets me two stylish ones with change from Accessories NG? (more…)

Jacinta Amune

My Iconola Dream

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Hey Guys,

How’s everyone doing? Work, school and all nko? Right, so you remember I promised to shake my laziness of and become a better blogger? I have now decided to post at least once a week just so y’all don’t forget I exist. (more…)

Jacinta Amune

Akin Faminu

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If you are fashion savvy, you’d know who Akin Faminu is. For those who don’t know, he’s one fine stylist like that. Medilag blah blah blah. He’s my hi hello friend sha, and i have formed the habit of silently stalking his blog. But yesterday, i decided i had to post this. Anyone who know Akin knows he’s a very dapper somebody. All suited up, velvet bow ties, Oxford brogues and things like that. I was pleasantly surprised when i saw the photos from his latest shot. Baba looked so different… And good too… See the pictures. (more…)

Jacinta Amune