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Chief Bridesmaid… Naija Style

Greetings people of God. How is your week going? Any new things? You people should be keeping me informed about you na. I am the only one who keeps talking and talking. But oh well, na me give myself work.
Today, I am going to be giving you first hand tips on the chief bridesmaid duty at a Nigerian wedding. Read and learn. (more…)

Jacinta Amune

Hello World


Hi hi hi… Welcome to my blog… *drum rolls*. It’s taken me over 10 hours to type this post, thanks to this kpangala blackberry. Sha, lemme introduce myself, names are Onofu-Onomeyi Jacinta Matthews-Amune. No need to say it, I know it’s lengthy, that’s why half the world has coined out their own personal nickname for me. This is actually the third blog I am opening. I honestly don’t understand why my brain shuts out all my email addresses and the passwords. I have decided to merge all my blogs together in this new one…Yay… It’s going to be so much fun… Stay tuned… *kisses*.

Jacinta Amune