Dear Nigerian Business Owners

I know I haven’t written a while but permit me to resume blogging with a very angry rant.
So in the last month, I have been Team buy Nigerian. Buying things from different Nigerian brands despite how pricey these things are.
Now if you own a business, hear me and hear me well. Half of you, your customer service is -100. You want people to patronize you and instead of you to make the experience worthwhile, you will give your head to the witches in your village to play ball with and then start feeling very indispensable with yourselves.
I’ve had unpleasant experiences with 4 different Nigerian brands in the last 2 weeks. I’m not mentioning names because it’s not in my place to rubbish anybody’s hustle.
They start from delaying your order from December to the middle of January, after collecting your money o. They will now be giving story about how they’re closed for the year and you have to wait till January for them to open. So please why did you ask me to pay you if you knew you couldn’t deliver within the normal time? After waiting for a whole month, during which each of them is feeling like God’s gift to the world. Delaying replies or replying rudely when you want to get an update on your order. They will now still deliver either the wrong thing or substandard things.
When you’re now trying to be civil and communicate politely with them, they’ll either argue with you, ignore your messages or promise to do something about it and never do anything.
Then at the end of the whole drama, you want me to tag you on Instagram when I feature the product on my Instagram page. That what happened? They will still have liver to message you and ask you to tag them in your pictures. Is it alright with you?
It might interest you to know that people can get most of the things you sell done/made by themselves. This is Lagos. We all know how to get shit done on our own. Receive sense please and treat your customers with a little more respect. It goes a long way.
Pained customer
Anyone wants to share an experience with any Nigerian brands? Please leave a comment.

Jacinta Amune

10 Comments on Dear Nigerian Business Owners

  1. Gerald says:

    Very true

  2. sanchi says:

    well, I can testify to the item I purchased being different from what I ordered + the size was so wrong

  3. Remy says:

    Very annoying. Opened an account in a bank and I wasn’t able to perform a particular transaction, kept going there for six months then they now finally said I opened the wrong type of account and they rained abuses on my head. Can you imagine?

  4. Winnie ukwunna says:

    Onofu please don’t be bitter.. Shit happens

  5. Onos says:

    I don’t think Nigerians understand what customer care is. You cant even trust anything you see online because 4/5 times, you’ll be disappointed. Either the color is off or the size or they’ll deliver another item entirely. You then call/message to complain and then the person on the other end will be acting like they are doing you a favour!!? KMT

  6. Fabian says:

    Never shopped online, never will 🙂

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