DIY- Vegetable Beef Sauce

Hello people of God. I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten around to writing any post this week. Been swamped with work from my real life (the student life). So I had to face that one first and to think i had a few draft posts already. Chai. Sha, the month of March shall soon be upon us and it feels like 2016 is running somewhere. We have already entered March now now?? Oga o.

Plus the heat in this Lagos is meant for only sinners. It’s very bad. I come back home and my clothes are wet because of all the sweat. The fans are still blowing hot air on top sef. Please if you know when the rains will start falling, tell me o. So that I can have something good to look foward to… Ok, I’m talking too much.

Today I’m going to be giving a cooking tutorial with pictures. Unlike my crochet wig post. I am not the kind of person who loves to cook. So don’t expect this often. I just like to do concoctions in the kitchen. I came up with this one and decided to call it ‘The Vegetable Beef Sauce’. (Ps: I don’t know if it has been invented before. If it has, oh well!!)

Things you’ll need (Two Servings)


  • One medium sized onions (chopped)
  • Five large tomatoes (I used fewer though) (chopped)
  • Two large carrots (chopped)
  • A small quantity of cabbage sha( I don’t like cabbage like that) (grated)
  • One medium sized green pepper (chopped)
  • Half of a small cucumber (diced)
  • Minced already cooked meat (I’m sure you don’t need a tutorial on how to boil meat)

Cooking Directions

  • Add a small quantity of vegetable oil in a sauce pan.
  • Put your chopped onions in first and allow to fry for a while.
  • The chopped tomatoes goes in next. Leave to cook for a while so that most of the water from the tomatoes dries up.
  • Put the cabbage next.
  • Then the chopped carrots almost immediately.


  • In goes your chopped green peppers.
  • Then the cucumbers.
  • Leave to cook for about 2-3 minutes. So that the vegetables can soften a little.
  • Lastly, add your minced meat. Cook for another minute.


  • Voila, your sauce is ready.


    The sauce can be eaten with potatoes, yam, rice, spaghetti. Etc etc. I ate mine with yams. 

    That’s all there is to it for this sauce. Easy right??? It’s quite easy to prepare. The only work is the cutting of all the vegetables and meat. I even contemplated adding pumpkin leaves (ugwu). But I didn’t want to regret, so I didn’t try it. You can try and and tell the rest of us how that goes.

    So we’re entering March in two days and I’m super excited. Why??? I’m launching my clothing line before the end of the month. I’m sure you’ll love every clothing item I have taken time to design. 

    Oya bye bye. Before I spill all the beans. Did you find my post helpful? Please  leave a comment and tell me what you think and if you’d try this recipe. Don’t forget to subscribe too.



    Jacinta Amune

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    1. Charles B says:

      well well very helpful though

    2. dami dave says:

      very insightful

    3. Puppyclaire says:

      Awesome!!! And my mouth watering ATM

    4. John says:

      Very insightful. Come and teach me wella ooo.

    5. Joy says:

      I’m making ds as breakfast today

    6. jo says:

      who knew you could cook

    7. Barbara says:

      Yum yum

    8. Chokor says:

      I feel hungry already

    9. Uch3 says:

      as far as there’s sha minced meat, I’m going to try this soon with rice.

    10. Chukky says:

      That looks so awesome I must try it!!!

    11. Laura says:

      Am so trying this soon may make mine with chicken and meat. Something new and delicious. Tanx bae

    12. Laura says:

      Nice 1 baby girl so trying it. Something new and delicious

    13. Marrz says:

      Coming to your room to get some ooooo…. Lol. Nice one. Hope it tastes as nice as it looks…

    14. Daniel oyeduntan says:

      Nice one….. thumbs up dear

    15. Remy says:

      I dey come your house oo…

    16. oye says:

      this is very educative. thanks jae

    17. @safikulture says:

      Nice one thanks.

    18. Oseni A. Kolade says:

      As u know I like food! I’ll try it for breakfast. Thanks

    19. Avantmuse_emre says:

      Looks like someone is the chopped champion. Everything on there is CHOPPED

    20. Oyinda says:

      Yaaay! Av seen my personal free restaurant…. I’ll b coming 4 a visit

    21. Gunivere says:

      On point

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