I’m Getting Married #2

Hey lovelies. Howz you? Hope your week is going well o. So last week, I started giving you people sweet gist about my wedding and you people were saying that I need an oil money husband. So please o, if you know any single guy that owns an oil block kindly refer me abeg. If you own an oil block, my IG dm is open for sliding.

So that I don’t end up planning in vain.
Sha sha, lemme give you the hotter part of the gist… The white wedding. So the white wedding will come up like two months after the traditional wedding. Because why? We can’t have all the turning up at once. It has to be broken down. Plus we’d need ample time to plan a greater white wedding. The wedding will obviously take place in Abuja, because that’s where my family is based.

Planner: David Tutera and Aunty Funke
I can now call Funke Bucknor aunty because planning my traditional wedding already makes us familiar enough. So we’ll fly David Tutera in from America. You people know David Tutera ba? That celebrity wedding planner in Beverly Hills? Yes, the very one. Only issue is that the nigga is gay and my mummy is a true christian. Hopefully, she lets us hire him. Aunty Funke will sha assist him. You know he doesn’t know Naija like that.

1st Dress: One Dubai Designer like that.image I don’t know the designer yet o. You know that Dubai has plenty better designers so I will still do my research and get back to you people.

2nd Dress: Weizdhurm Franklyn
I love Weizdhurm’s designs and who better to make my second dress? I’m not doing that one where the couple will first waste time before coming in then the bride will now still go and waste time in the name of changing dress. Daiz not happening. We will wear the dress from the start of reception. No power for drama.

3rd Dress: Tubo
No fear. It’s for after reception. When I’ll go to my husband’s house. Yuls. I planned to that side. I found Tubo when Noble Igwe’s wife wore her designs for their wedding. Her designs are really nice. Nothing over the top, just perfect. The dress has to be simple enough for the after party, yet sophisticated enough to meet the in laws.

Make Up: Jide of St Ola.
Jide is a great make up artist. As in… A great one and he’s like the only person that came to mind. White wedding is not time to glow like that like that. Before I will be looking like one of the decorations in the reception venue. Just something simple and really pretty. Jide, I am counting on you o. I don’t want anybody to be yabbing my pictures on BellaNaija.

Hair: Tasala HQ. I have no words. Just visit their IG page and you’ll understand why I chose them.

Photography: Alakija Studios.
They take awesometastic pictures. Jesus is Lorrdd… I want to look at my framed picture and see the work of my money. As they say, better soup na money kill am.

MC: Uncle Basket. That’s Basketmouth. Take it or leave it, he’s the best comedian in the country and my wedding has to be handled by the best vendors. So Basketmouth it is.

DJ: DJ Xclusive. Nothing beats good music at a wedding and I am confident that Xclusive is up to the task, but we will still give him our list of preferred songs before he will play the one that will make us not pay his balance.

Music Performance: Marrz. This is for the first dance. I’ve spoken about Marrz before and if you’ve heard his song, you’ll know why I want him to perform for our first dance. Not every time Timi Dakolo, sometimes Marrz.

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Toju Foyeh
My bridesmaids must be this gangster sha. I want the bridesmaids’ dresses to be 2 in one. I won’t explain further before one of you steal my idea. So the bridesmaids will wear something different for reception. And Toju does a great job with bridesmaids’ dresses. So if you’re in my bridal train, start saving o. I won’t hear story when the time comes.

There you have it. I have listed all the vendors for the wedding. Remaining to tell you how the wedding week will go. That will have to be in another post before I start to bore you. Oya now, you know how we do it. Drop a comment and tell me what you think or refer an oil money husband. Anything. Just comment. Subscribe too because this bc business is tiring. Tenz so much

Jacinta Amune

17 Comments on I’m Getting Married #2

  1. klever lhanrey says:

    Lol…nice so you want to invite Funke Bucknor..

  2. Oye says:

    Hmmmn ….. The guy shuu start saving …… But great taste u v got….. I’m counting on u to design ur last dress

  3. Marrz says:

    Ewo.. ..this Kine one will shake Naija o.

  4. Valentinoe says:

    All these girls… What’s with girls and perfect weddings anyways? Well it’s all set just fix the husband inside and we are good to go… I will sha do ‘men in suit’

  5. jo says:

    This Dubai designer like that is not bad o

  6. Sandra says:

    Madam at this rate maybe i wee even hire you as my own wedding planner

  7. Elizabeth Mmereole says:

    Jideofstola….. great make-up artist I must say. your taste ehn

  8. I cannot wait for this wedding o. Don’t forget to hit me up once it’s time
    Tosin Olaniyi xx

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