I’m getting Married

Hellur… Ez your girl again. How’s you?

I’m sure you people know that I am a great planner and I like to think ahead. Since my sister got married recently, I have been wondering how my own will be. So I have taken it upon myself to plan my own wedding down. So that my wedding planner won’t have too much wahala when the time comes.
PS: All the vendors listed are the ones in vogue now. It might be you when the time comes. You never know. So here it goes…

Traditional Wedding

Wedding planner: Funke Bucknor of Zapphire Events. For the love of God, have you seen the weddings this woman plans? It’s heavenly. I won’t settle for anything less. Congrats Aunty Funke. You got the job.

Venue- Village House.
Because why?? We cannot have big compound and plenty space and nobody will do parry there. Lai lai. All my sisters had their traditional wedding in town. Me, I want to be married with all the village pomp and pageantry. Dad… Are you listening?

1st Outfit: Toju Foyeh.
So for the first outing, I’m supposed to come out in my native asoke. I don’t want the one that I will now sew one small blouse and tie wrapper on top o. That one is too mainstream. Please Aunty Toju, start designing something.

2nd Outfit: Deola Sagoe.
The second outfit is the one of my husband’s people and Mummy Deola is making it. She knows what to do with material. I don’t know where the husband’s people are from o. But I am sure that I will tie wrapper. Mummy, I already know what I want o. I will send you a mail asap.

3rd Outfit: April By Kunbi.
This is the last dress. Nothing too serious sha. Just something comfortable enough to komole after the older people have retired home. Aunt K, please design something stunning o.

Make Up: Doranne Beauty.
Shebi you people know Toke Makinwa na. You see how her face is always like a double-edged sword? Always well beaten?? Aunty Theo is responsible. She is the Lord and master of highlighting and glowing. I want to look just like a glazed doughnut. The hubby has to know that we didn’t come to play. So aunty Theo, are you ready?

Hair Stylist: Bernard Smiles. He’s just a great stylist. I know the hair will look great when you work your magic. I fear no more.

Photography: Jide Odukoya Studios.
I cannot come and be looking like glazed doughnut and not have beautiful pictures na. Lai lai. So uncle Jide it is. Shebi Aunty Morayo will assist you to shoot o. The sight of her nappy hair will retain my smile throughout the photo sessions.

Music: DJ Spinall.
Lerrus have a Lagos party in Igarra. The drummers my daddy will bring will assist him when he wants to rest.

MC:… No need for that one na. My daddy has stand by Alaga waiting. At least let us save money on this one.

Food: We’ve got the guests covered. We will serve homemade jollof rice there. If we call caterer from Lagos now, the food will not even endure the Nigerian sun on its way here.

That should be all I think. This one is just a small thing o. We’ll look into the white wedding next week. Do you love my thoughtfulness on making the plans ahead of time? I know you do. So leave a comment and tell me what you think about it. Don’t forget to subscribe too.

Jacinta Amune

26 Comments on I’m getting Married

  1. Valentinoe says:

    The plan seems ok, it just points to the fact that the suitor mus be rich… (she’ll say before nko.)

  2. Joy says:

    Our husband had better own an oil well.

  3. Ann says:

    I cant stop laughing….u really settled down to make out this plan ngawnu lets go there

  4. Isaiah says:

    I’m coming… Search no more

  5. Faith says:

    Lol….I support u girl..sha let your aso ebi get to me wen its time

  6. Eddie says:

    Oil block owning husband-in-the-making *percentage 80%*

  7. Adaora says:

    Spinall has my heart too.You will wear 3top designers and then serve us only Jollof?Hian

  8. Damani says:

    “I want to look just like a glazed doughnut. The hubby has to know that we didn’t come to play”

    This is hilarious!! hehehehehehehehehe

  9. Oye says:

    Nawa Padi mi the man must start planning the money ahead too, if not hin go wreck

  10. Sandra says:

    Lol! Me too i want oooooo

  11. Elizabeth Mmereole says:

    Nice plan miss! it had better not be an Igbo man… lol

  12. Ojae says:

    Great thinking! I pray it becomes reality for you!

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