I’m Gettng Married #3

😂😂😂. I know you people are already tired of me and this my wedding matter, but if I don’t disturb you, who will? Don’t worry, this is the last part.

Wedding week
Sunday: Pre wedding dinner with family and ‘selected’ friends. Selected because, the number of people I know already is alarming. We cannot come and invite all of them to a three course dinner. That means we should just tell the priest to come and do the wedding in the restaurant. No time abeg.

Monday: Hubby and I move to separate hotels. We need to rest before the big day. I can’t come and have large eye bags on Saturday from all the stress.

Tuesday: The chief slave joins me. That bridesmaid name is just a scam. The work attached to that position ehnn… The chief bridesmaid will sha come and resume work from Tuesday. Then we’ll go to the spa. We can’t wait for all the other girls to come because no money for everybody to do spa treatment. Go to spa from your house.

Wednesday: The other girls arrive the hotel and join us. Then we’d go and fit their dresses and my reception outfits. After that, we’d just hangout and have quality fun. I have to enjoy my last hangout as a spinster.

Thursday: Manicure and Bachelor’s eve. I am sure you people understand what this one is. No need to explain.

Friday: Salon day out. The girls and I shall hangout again, but in the salon this time.

Big day: Finally. Wedding starts at 12pm or 1pm. I cannot come and be rushing to get to church at 8:30 am. My glam team need time to do their work.

Order of photographs for in house people will start two hours to church time. Great pictures come with great patience.

After church and reception, they will now take me to the hubby’s family house. That’s where the third outfit comes into play.

Last last… Ez party time. Our people have to enjoy our wedding to the very last minute. If they have set aside a whole Saturday for us, we have to give them value for their time.

Thank you so much for reading about my fantasy wedding. Now back to normal programming Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me what you think or better still commend me for thinking ahead. And subscribe please. Aren’t you tired of all my bcs???

Jacinta Amune

14 Comments on I’m Gettng Married #3

  1. Sir Leo says:

    Na bride price I won collect

  2. Damani says:

    Na you o. You don plan the whole thing to the end sef. The Lord ees ya muscle

  3. Laura says:

    Nice nice. Good job baby girl keep it up. Mama’s proud of u

  4. Lyndzynora says:

    Hehehehe….. U won’t kill me oooo. Asin I have to be live at this Disney wedding……it gats blow my mind….Anyways good plan dear…. I await d D day….

  5. marret says:

    Abeg o when the real one go shele be sure to invite me

  6. Veronica says:

    Hahalol…all these plans..amen o..I’ll steal one or more ideas tho

  7. Saks says:

    Just marry already


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