I’m Left Handed… Deal With It

Fun Fact: I’m left handed 
Annoying fact: Lots of stereotypes 

I don’t understand why Nigerians see it as a crime to be left handed (leftie). It’s a general mentality in these parts.They think you’re rude when you offer them something with your left hand. Teachers want to kill small children because they are writing with their left hands.

I even heard of a father who would tie his dirty socks to his son’s left wrist just so the boy doesn’t eat with his left hand. That’s cruelty at it’s peak. They claim the devil is left handed so they don’t want children to be followers of the devil. 😂😂😂. Imagine o. 

I think Nigerians need to hold a conference and educate themselves on how to deal with left handed people properly. Me sef, when next I offer say a cab guy money with my left hand, and he refuses to collect it, I will just keep my money back in my bag. Then he will explain to me whether he will die if he collects money from my left hand. The funniest thing is that left handed people offer you something with thier left hand unconsciously. You will now start ranting and saying they are disrespectful. Can you just imagine.

You might be wondering why I am so pained. Well a leader needs to speak out for her people, and considering the fact that I am the self made president of the Left Handers Association (how many lefties were born on left handers day??? I’m sure you now understand why i made me president), I’m only doing my job. All I am saying is, treat the lefties rightly. Don’t be backward with your thinking. My mother has three lefties out of five children. If she was backward, she’d probably have taken us for some spiritual cleansing so that we won’t follow the devil. But she isn’t. So be like my mum. Appreciate the lefties around you. Show a leftie love when you come across one. 

With these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that lefties deserve all the love you show right handed people. So tell me, what other weird stories have you heard about lefties? Please leave a comment in the comment box and subscribe too. Ese

Jacinta Amune

11 Comments on I’m Left Handed… Deal With It

  1. Harbimz says:

    I don’t think your being a devil has anything to do with your left-handednesss… nice one tho

  2. Valentine says:

    Well, at some point you’ll have to ‘deal with it’ too cos you are Nigerian. On the bright side there is also this general belief that lefties are smart.

  3. Cashy D' Angelo says:

    I am left handed too and I’m a blessing

  4. Onome says:

    Nice post

  5. Damani says:

    hehehehehe. I was berated in primary school by my teachers till I started using my right hand to write and eat. I do every other thing with my left hand. My folks found out late apparently. 🙁

  6. Nenye says:

    Oh well I actually think left handed people are very intelligent, lol. I dont know how true that is, but the ones i have met are like that, you inclusive

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