Jacinta Matthews-Amune.

Student. Talkative. Laughing Kid. Creative. Dreamer. Incredible Mind.

I like to daydream, play the agony aunt, eat good food, listen to liturgical music, meet new people and spread laughter.

I think I’m quite adventurous, with nothing to really show for it. A bit of an introvert and very strong willed. I am quite shy on the outside, but my friends know I’m the funnest person ever, when you get to know me.

I make christian, school and creative commitments… I’m totally fine with these, thank you.

I want to be heard every time. I talk about the weirdest things. I hate being mainstream. I have a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly. I think I know quite a number of things.

I have a lazy fashion sense. I love shoes and sunglasses. A sucker for lip colors. Natural haired. Fore head gang.

I write about everything, no specifics. I love creatives.

Jesus is Bae.

I’m open to sponsorships, collaborations, advertising with brands that fit my blog description.

I want to meet and connect with you too. Do tell me about you.

I have so many things cooked up in my head and I want to share.

Welcome to my happy place. I’m glad you stopped by and I hope you stay.

I once blogged at http://jahhcyntam.blogspot.com.ng/

Jacinta Amune