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Heyo boys and girls
Happy new month in advance. This year is running to fast o. Ez it not only yesterday i told you happy new year?? We have entered June just like that. Oga o. I know you people have missed me so much, so let me just tell you about all my musings in the last month

Happy about: Our new fan… Because the way this weather is set up…

Reading: NSG Blog. That girl is just crazy. The things she says are just out of this world. Read her blog HERE.

Appreciating: Family. My family was together recently and it was so hard for me to part ways with them… I want my mummy!!!

Planning: New blog content. This life is not easy cha cha

Listening to: Fada Fada by Phyno. That song is the bomb mehnn. Where do these people get their inspiration from sef? They will just be dropping hits anyhow… But sha.. Chineke Nna emegokwa nwa ogbenye Ezege…

imageCraving: Gizzard pepper soup. My friend made it once and I’ve been stuck on it. Who will cook it for me please??

Wearing: This black shirt dress from Mr Price. I know you will say Mr Price is for the masses but i am part of the masses na and the dress is super comfy.

Feeling: Cold. The rains now ehnn. I came back from Abuja recently and kept praying that Lagos won’t be so cold…but here we are, with box of tissues and a blocked nose. I still love my fan tho.

Irritated by: People chewing in my ears. I HATE IT.

Determined to: Stay consistent mehn. This blogging business is nor beans. It’s so hard for me to write twice a week. Imagine if i was now interning with Bella Naija, they for don sack me by now.

Wishing: That the price of tomatoes will come down. Why?? Because I hate too much tin tomatoes…

Loving: Monochrome. I was sorting out my clothes recently and i realized i was a monochrome soul. I totally love it.

Regretting: Being a slippers girl all along… You see why I need…

Anticipating: Graduation… I aff tire biko.

In need of: Fashion salvation. Chai, somebody help me please.

Excited about: My make up lessons. I never knew i was great at this stuff… Go girl.

Admiring: #womensupportingwomen. I’m a sucker for girl power so I admire women who come through for other women. Hardly anything can beat that.

Thinking about: My next semester… Daz all. As in, full stop. Bye bye

Jacinta Amune

14 Comments on Me Currently #2

  1. Harbimz says:

    maybe if you translate that fada fada song for me… I can understand and love it too

  2. Oyeduntan Daniel says:

    Na so…… Sharp!

  3. Jo says:

    Y you nor upload picture of the dress

  4. Marrz says:

    glad to have you back and running… I missed Jacy.


  5. samuel ajibola says:

    Well done girl!

  6. Akin says:

    We should do the gizzard peppersoup together!!! Asin together

  7. Jerrie rotimi says:

    Lmao. I like the idea behind the kini. You dey try gan. Lol. But it’s such an innovative way for explaining yourself at the moment.

  8. NASA Agent says:

    what is a slippers girl

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