Me Currently #3

Heii God… My hosting plan will soon expire and I have written only one post this year. So since I am too broke to just be wasting my money anyhow, I’m going to write one post each day till it expires. Hehehe.
It’s update time again. For all of you who don’t ask for me, I’ll still let you know what I have been up to sha. You’re welcome.

Happy about: My new baby girl lifestyle. School has been on vacation since and I’m just here, in the Peninsula enjoying myself. Sitting at home, with no power outage and Wi-fi. What more can I ask for?

Wearing: My night wear because it’s 4am and I will still sleep back after this post.

Reading: Information System and Data Communications. Urghh. It’s not a fun book o. It’s for school.

In need of: Money. Ejo, somebody should help me. Baby girl without plenty cash, is that one baby girl?

Appreciating: My big sister. Because she is funding my baby girl lifestyle. Hey sisturr.

Wishing: That I had a 6 figure bank account. Even 5, I will manage. Ejoor. Hep me.

Planning: Plenty things. I have my finger wrapped aroud so many things at once, because my mind is too greedy to let some ideas go. Sigh.


Listening to: Ochie Dike by Phyno ft Onyeka Onwenu. I love love Onyeka. So when I stumbled on this song, I just fell in love because I love Phyno too.

Loving: Fringe and Organza… Fringe just brings the little flirt in every girl out and organza, it’s been underrated for too long. How can I just be finding out how great that material is?

Craving: Egg fried rice and spare ribs from Yin Yang express. Their food is great and affordable too. Who will buy for me?

Feeling: Hot. I don’t even understand the rains this year. Mscheww… Cool breeze, I cannot feel.

Irritated by: Some of my friends. Those ones that will not support person. Always against everything. You people know yourselves. Wehdone.

Determined to: Graduate. If not I won’t be reading school book during holidays.

Excited about: The new idea I’m working on with Ajike baby.


Anticipating: The Masked Ballerina. You should anticipate it too.

Admiring: Tracy Nwapa. Business woman to the stars and back. Tracy runs different businesses that have no connection to each other and is slaying in all of them. Goals ayyee.

Thinking about: My next semester… Daz all. As in, full stop. Bye bye

Jacinta Amune

10 Comments on Me Currently #3

  1. Temi Dayo says:

    Come and gimme wifi. I have light

  2. Esther says:

    I know that feeling! And that’s why I’ve been trying to post on my blog daily as well but…im still working on consistency lol. You’ll be good♥️

  3. barhbie says:

    Lol… Chilling

  4. Rhome says:

    The next Tracy Nwapa! !!.

    Business woman! !

  5. Jon says:

    I can imagine how you feel reading books on vacation. Been there done that. Sadly you will continue ooo

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