My Thoughts on… Makeup + Giveaway 

Hey fam!

So I’ve been thinking, what’s the big deal about make up sef? What’s the origin? Why can’t people do without it? Why can’t I just draw my brows right? When will I get my cat eye perfectly?

Now don’t get me wrong o. I like make up, lip make up especially. I have over 25 lippies (which is a big deal to me). My palava is, why can’t my own beat be as good as others? After practicing and practicing, I never ever get it right. So I have come to this conclusion: The perfect face beat is not for everyone.
If you can’t get it done yourself, may be you are not destined for it. Get someone who is destined for it to do it for you. If you are like me and your own destiny is to do only eyeliner and lipstick, do not force brows on yourself. You will destroy the entire look. Manage the talent you have been given and leave the full face beat for others. Stop drawing hideous brows and scaring people on the streets. Ez not healthy for anyone at all. I’m not saying you shouldn’t improve your skills o. But practice in your closet first before you show the world what you’ve learnt. So that even if your rehearsal wasn’t good, it would be a secret between you and your mirror.
After all this blabbing, all I am saying is: Stay in your make up talent lane. Daz all.

So my blog will be one on the 30th of this month. Just because of the love I have for you all, I’m running a 3 day giveaway. 

Day 1: A bottle of perfume from Vani Styles.

Day 2: Natural hair goodies from Natural Hair Rocks and LexMall for two people. 

Day 3: Shako x Lulu bags from Shako x Lulu for three people.

Daz all mehnn. Thanks to Vani Styles, Natural Hair Rocks, LexMall and Shako x Lulu for collaborating with me to show you all love. So the giveaway would start on the 28th of this month and end on the 30th. Stay tuned to my Instagram for more details on how to win. 

On a lighter note, I would like to know your make up fears too. Which part of making up have you flopped most?
Please drop a comment and share with me. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.


Jacinta Amune

28 Comments on My Thoughts on… Makeup + Giveaway 

  1. Adaora says:

    The eyebrow thing mehn .E no easy

  2. Barbara says:

    contouring never seems to agree with me

  3. Mz_sunshine says:

    That eye-brow thingy shaa, kai .. tz a big NO NO for me tho… not like i even think of trying it on in the first place :-# .lol

  4. Somebody says:

    my first time commenting….had to! this is hilarious. esp the “hideous brows and scaring people on the streets”

  5. Omonye says:

    Me will still be trying to get it right o…
    True that,face beat ain’t for all
    Even leave the face to breathe…lol

    Thumbs up Amune
    That hair giveaway,I must collect it!! Lol

  6. gold says:

    Every part of it. Did my forefathers offend it??

  7. AB says:

    Mehn its not by force ooo, just be real.

  8. Ifeoluwa says:

    I dont even bother trying dats y i dnt wear make up

  9. Aro sadia temitope says:

    Okay the brows goes well for me most time but the contouring is a no no,I don’t even try again
    come to think of it, why do people use colours like wine, Red,green or even pink on their brows …. Why, why, why !!!

  10. danger says:

    Lool the thing about scaring people on the street was funny

  11. marret says:

    sometimes the problem is not even getting it right, it’s if there’s time to get it right… # lol, the scaring ppl on the street Part / it’s not healthy at all really killed me.. *thumbs up dear *

  12. Temi says:

    LOL I thought I was alone.
    Mostly contouring. Just lostttttttttt on that front. Still struggling with eyebrows sha.God dey.

  13. Estybo1 says:

    Still struggling with eyebrows. There are some days make up will just obey and there are some other days the make up will be like” who are you” and you will be like am going natural

  14. Missnkechi says:

    Hi diva the brow is trying small smal as for d contour i have not made upmy mind yet can’t come and scare some1 or myself oo

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