I’m Left Handed… Deal With It

Fun Fact: I’m left handed 
Annoying fact: Lots of stereotypes 

I don’t understand why Nigerians see it as a crime to be left handed (leftie). It’s a general mentality in these parts.They think you’re rude when you offer them something with your left hand. Teachers want to kill small children because they are writing with their left hands. (more…)

Jacinta Amune

Something Different 

Hey Guys


How has your week Been? Thankfully we have a long Easter weekend and I’m so glad that someone can at least take time to breathe. 

So I have another recipe for you people today. Aren’t you tired of the usual rice meals for this holiday?? Why don’t we try a yam meal? Shall we? (more…)

Jacinta Amune

DIY- Fringe Clip In

Hey guys,

My life has been more hectic than usual in the last one week. To now add salt to injury, I have writer’s block. Terrible right?? I know I know. But I have to keep you guys entertained na. So I decided to get a guest blogger to come to my rescue. I contacted Alex of NappyHaired and she was very helpful. She put this DIY post together just for me (and you guys of course). (more…)

Jacinta Amune

Me Currently!

Happy New month y’all. I hope this month brings you great surprises. 


So I got inspired by Ifeoma Amadi of Whowhatfab to do this post. I hardly write about the little things I get up to apart from blogging or school work and all that. So here we go… 
Currently I am, (more…)

Jacinta Amune

DIY- Vegetable Beef Sauce

Hello people of God. I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten around to writing any post this week. Been swamped with work from my real life (the student life). So I had to face that one first and to think i had a few draft posts already. Chai. Sha, the month of March shall soon be upon us and it feels like 2016 is running somewhere. We have already entered March now now?? Oga o. (more…)

Jacinta Amune

Salon Review- NHR

Salon- Natural Hair Rocks

Location- Home Service

Hairstyle- Faux Locs

Price- 6500

Hey guys,

So most of you know I’m nappy haired. I have been natural for 16 months. I am really skeptical about the people who style my hair. So I make sure I always get experienced stylists so I don’t have to worry about anyone ruining a style I have planned for months. (more…)

Jacinta Amune

Bae Requirement 1- Support My Hustle 

 People of God, I’m about to go on a rant right now. It will only take 5 minutes. I promise.

So every girl, cute or not, is always ambushed by one or more guys who keep telling her she’s cute and her head swells and all that drama that goes on and on. I know most girls have a requirement list for the perfect bae. He must be cute, tall, handsome, rich, blah blah blah. It’s not a bad thing o. But i think every girl needs to review the priority of the things on that list. (more…)

Jacinta Amune

My Sunglasses- Accessories NG

Hey guys.
What’s up? How’s your week going? Today I’m sharing one of my favourite things with you all. It’s Sunglasses baby. Yes, you heard right. I love Sunglasses and Accessories NG lets me splurge on them coz they have affordable sunglasses. Nowadays, everyone is forming dollar has gone up and they’re charging N8000 for sunglasses. When I didn’t kill somebody. Why will I buy sunglasses at N8000 for one when that gets me two stylish ones with change from Accessories NG? (more…)

Jacinta Amune

DIY- Crochet Wig

Hey Guys,

In this post, I spoke about my crochet wig that was in the works, well after all the hardwork, I am finally done. this wig took me a total of 3 days to complete. I watched endless Youtube videos to get it done. I’m happy with my work because I’m not really a DIY person. But as the price of things, including wigs and weaves are on the high side (thank you dollar), I had to make my wig myself. this wig cost me a total of 6500 naira (including market transport fare). To make this, you’ll need: (more…)

Jacinta Amune

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