It’s Game Time Baby!!!

Hey guys,
Welcome to February. The start of my own year. This post was supposed to be up yesterday o but i was too occupied with my crochet wig (I’ll give you details later).
So in January, I promised to take my blog more seriously and that resolution is totally paying off. My blog stats have increased and y’all keep showing me love. Thank you boos. I see all your comments and I appreciate them.
I’ve also added a quote from my blog planner for the month a February to keep all of us motivated. (more…)

Jacinta Amune

Happy New Year!!!

Ehnn… Happy New year in advance. Yup yup. My own year starts in February. January is just rehearsal. February is game time.

So this year is the start of a totally new life for me, coz I have resolved to do a few things to better my life and my career. (more…)

Jacinta Amune

A Vlogger’s Diary- Let’s Start From The Very Beginning 

*Singing* Let’s start from the very beginning, a very good place to start…

Hey people!!!

You know I sing well right??? That’s why I can’t wait for Christmas. The only time we sing carols. And it’s November already. Eku new month o. Christmas is coming soon. *dancing atilogu*. I have been anticipating December since January. Sha sha, before I divert from the topic, lemme hold my peace.

So basically (I use this phrase too damn much). As I was saying, you guys know I have vlog abi? Twisted Bants on YouTube (you’re missing out on something great if you haven’t checked it out). This new category on my blog is to keep you updated on what it takes to be a vlogger. Being a vlogger is hard work mehn. I never hesperredit to be like this.  (more…)

Jacinta Amune

Why So Content?

Y’ello People (Proud Sad MTN user),

How’s everyone doing today?? I’m fine thank you. Exams just finished, so you have me all to yourselves. Great right?

So today, I’m giving my opinion on a very controversial topic….Side chicks. I’m still trying to wrap my finger around this whole side chick idea. I mean, why on earth would you want to be the side chick to some nigga who clearly doesn’t love you and is just there for the knacks? (more…)

Jacinta Amune

My Iconola Dream

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Hey Guys,

How’s everyone doing? Work, school and all nko? Right, so you remember I promised to shake my laziness of and become a better blogger? I have now decided to post at least once a week just so y’all don’t forget I exist. (more…)

Jacinta Amune

Comeback 2

 Yo yo yo!!!

So ‘A renewed mind’ made me write this. How’s everyone??? I know i’m a pretty lazy blogger and I’m sorry. Been so tied down merging different stuff together that I forgot to reach out to you guys. I promise that from next month, I’d improve.

Chai… I haven’t been here in a while o. Apparently Cleo Thelma is an important part of this blog. I wrote my first comeback post the day she released her song with Korede Bello. And now, the second comeback is up the day she released the video of the song. That video is good, totally different from the normal everyday videos. I’m tired of watching a group of girls twerking and some boys shouting up and down or a Nigerian film that is called a music video. This video is colorful, vibrant, fresh and different. Paul Gambit has sense… Plenty of it. You can watch the video Cleo Thelma ft Korede Bello (Official music Video) – “I gat you” . (more…)

Jacinta Amune

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