Preach It Sister!!!

Hey Hey Hey… How’s everyone been??? Me sha, i’ve been kicking small small. Thank you all for your feedback o, esp. on my previous post. People are thanking me for bringing them closer to their best friends. Well, y’all are highly welcome o. Plus those that pride won’t let them thank me.

So today, I’m getting very spiritual o. Quoting bible and stuff. Not everyday make up and fine cloth. Sometimes Jesus talk. I’m sharing from Colossians chapter 3 verse 23.

Whatever you do, do with all your heart, as though you were relating with the Lord and not human beings.


Jacinta Amune

Zee Best Friend Thing


Noble, Ebuka and Lamide

Hey y’all. I know my overpriced lipsticks post is over due but i always seem to find something i must talk about immediately. This time, it’s best friends. Thank you Laff Out 9ja for bringing me to this realization. Lemme start from the scratch.

I am styling for skits for Laff Out 9ja. And i’ve heard a lot about Noble Igwe’s style prowess(permit me to call him Nobs… Feeling sort of familiar). So i head over to Nobs’ IG and see all his fab pictures, taken at his front door turned studio. So i keep scrolling down and i find a post centered around being Ebuka Obi- Uchendu’s best man. I go to over to Style Vitae and read his post. Nigga went all out and the post was really funny. In this post, Nobs talks about his friendship with Ebuka and Olamide, how far they’ve gone together and stuff. So i get really interested and search for all his other posts about his two best friends. I’d like to say Nobs gushes about them a lot and this made me realize what best friends are meant to be. (more…)

Jacinta Amune

Lovers Of The Week

Hey Hey Hey!!!
I know I haven’t written in a while and you people missed me. Yes or yes??? Forgive me joor. Things in my life have gone crazy. But I have decided to squeeze in just enough for you all.Today’s post is about my lovers of the week.

1) Beauty in Lagos(BIL)

So I discovered BIL some weeks ago and I have traced all the posts down to the first post Ez posted. The BIL blog is really informative and really cool. Up Ez!!! But seriously tho, Ez is an inspiration for me. She manages to merge a 9-5 job with keeping up with every other thing. So officially, Ez is a mentor. Visit BIL –Beauty In Lagos. (more…)

Jacinta Amune

I’m Back Muffins!!!! 

And we’re live in 3…2…1…0

Hey fam!!!

Happy new month. It’s been a while o. How’s everyone. So i just dropped my exam biro today and because of the love i have for you all, i came here as quickly as possible. Exams were good tho. Some free time at last. Ohk… This is just a blabber mouth post, coz I really don’t have anything to say now. But in the spirit of vainess, I’d put some of my most recent pictures so y’all can know what i’ve been up to

Pimples won’t let me be great



Jacinta Amune


Hey muffins!!!
Been a while. My phone is just acting Nigerian film here. That”s why I haven’t been able to post. This post is dedicated to all my close friends. It’s just how I feel about you all. From Cynthia to Victor to Damani to Victus to Emre to Barbara to Ife to Feranmi to Folusho to Tiena to Joy to Laura to Patrick to Ajike to Ayo to my very own Ore mi to Ann Arinze to Omonye to Benedicta to Chinenye. I love you all so so much and I am very happy you guys are in my life. I know I get really annoying and cranky sometimes and you all still stick around. Thank you loves. So hear it is….
Some of you hardly communicate with me but the bond still waxes
Some of you are just like PHCN, you his go off and on. Always happy when you are around and so sad when you are off…. So sad.
Some of you are just so wonderful that sometimes I think you are angels in human skin. You care for me so damn much.
Some of you are just so annoying but I can’t do away with you, because some way or the other, the annoyance keeps me happy.
Some of you really care but you hide it for no reason and it’s painful because I see the hidden emotions and I wish you could uncover them so I would appreciate them more.
Some of you don’t care much and you don’t care less.
But in all of you are all the ingredients of the special mix that give my life as a human being a meaning.
Ps: You can claim anyone you want.
Biko if in your heart of hearts you know we are close and I didn’t write your name, I am so sorry. But I heart you too.
So exams are coming up and I want y’all to please pray for me. Computer Science no be beans.
I’d be back as soon as I finish exams.
Xoxo… Jay.

Jacinta Amune

Lovers Of The Week

Hiya Cupcakes,

This is for all the things that fell in love with me this week. I had no choice but to return the love. Shebi the bible says love your neighbors na. That’s exactly what i am doing o.

1) This fabulous face cap


A thousand kisses to Patrick Igwe for this. This face cap is a life saver. I have rocked life out of it. It has saved me from all the bad hair days I have been having since. Unfortunately, I have to give it back. Why Patrick, why?? Why evils?? 😩😩

2) Nutri-C Mango and Pomegranate

vitamin drink

Me I don’t know what pomegranate is or how it looks like o. I just love the mix with mango flavour. Very nice. And it’s cheap too, only N50. Why will i go and buy N200 Fanta for 2 days, when i can buy N50 Nutri- C for the same period of time??


3) Cat eye sunglasses



This is my second favorite pair of sunglasses. The first one is broken. But these glases are really chic. Got it on Jumia at N2000. The case didn’t come with it o. I bought that one in Yaba market.


4) MAC Heroine lippie


Because I love the colour purple, heroine is bae. Thank you Folusho for this sweet gift. This lippie retails in Nigeria at about N5000. You can get it from


5) Election results memes


😂😂😂😂… Nigerians have no chill at all. They know how to make light every situation Chisos. Ahnnn na. Come on you guys.This has been crazy. I’d post as many of these memes as possible in my next post.

6) My cousin, Tolu



Hey soul sister… If you know me and you don’t know Tolu, then I don’t know what to say to you. We’ve been through many many things together. We look out for each other. Kisses boo. Oh btw, we need a bae for her. Apply within if interested. As always, offer valid while stock lasts.

7) My Marley Twists


I love love my new hair. Especially the colour. Twists done at Tunmise Natural hair salon.

So there it is, the lovers of the week. Ehnn, if you know anyone working with MTN, please beg them on my behalf o. My network has been so terrible. Chai.

So what are you loving this week? Don’t keep it to yourself o. Leave a comment and share with us.


Jacinta Amune

Akin Faminu

Hey cupcakes,securedownload-39h-203x300

If you are fashion savvy, you’d know who Akin Faminu is. For those who don’t know, he’s one fine stylist like that. Medilag blah blah blah. He’s my hi hello friend sha, and i have formed the habit of silently stalking his blog. But yesterday, i decided i had to post this. Anyone who know Akin knows he’s a very dapper somebody. All suited up, velvet bow ties, Oxford brogues and things like that. I was pleasantly surprised when i saw the photos from his latest shot. Baba looked so different… And good too… See the pictures. (more…)

Jacinta Amune

SCC, Unilag

L-R: Lab rat, Victor, Uncle Paul, Oliseh, Fine geh, Emre

L-R: Lab rat, Victor, Uncle Paul, Oliseh, Fine geh, Emre 

Anyone who knows me obviously knows that I am a faithful chorister, till I die.. Haa!!! I love that choir plenty. They are like my Lagos family… No, they are actually my Lagos family. Nobody jokes with them o (Some of them sha). now when i joined the choir first, they werent the best people on earth o. Most of them were very annoying, i said it, very very annoying. they used to form sabi sabi well o(but not like me sha). Well, My lab rat and I(Barbara), packed our load and left. We didn’t want stress in our lives. So last year, I felt the spirit moving in me , so I convinced her to come back to the choir with me. She agreed. That’s how we went back like prodigal children, only to realise that somborri we joined choir before was choirmaster…. Jesus.. How?? From which angle of the triangle?? That’s how we decided to buckle up o. Now, for the record, I am one of the most notorious choristers there ever was, i am not alone sha. Shout out to Cynthia, Victor, Laura, Lab rat etc etc. (more…) Jacinta Amune

Hello World


Hi hi hi… Welcome to my blog… *drum rolls*. It’s taken me over 10 hours to type this post, thanks to this kpangala blackberry. Sha, lemme introduce myself, names are Onofu-Onomeyi Jacinta Matthews-Amune. No need to say it, I know it’s lengthy, that’s why half the world has coined out their own personal nickname for me. This is actually the third blog I am opening. I honestly don’t understand why my brain shuts out all my email addresses and the passwords. I have decided to merge all my blogs together in this new one…Yay… It’s going to be so much fun… Stay tuned… *kisses*.

Jacinta Amune

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